About Us

HempOrganicLife we are from Ukraine, Ukrainian small home company that was starting since 2015 is an idea that inspired by my newborn baby and an idea that started with a piece of hemp fabric and enthusiasm. Now it is more than 15 thousand sales worldwide, more than 3 thousand reviews and our like-minded customers who are our friends over the years. Together with customers, we have expanded our products based on the requests of real people - we have expanded, created and presented what has not been before. Here we create the best products from industrial hemp grown in my country without the use of chemicals, so you can get a high quality organic hemp product in your home and for your body.
Unique hemp sleeping bags and blankets with hemp filling inside and hemp or linen fabric, mattresses, toppers, mats, hemp things for children and other useful hemp products for your life.
Two unique plants - hemp and flax - are unsurpassed properties for the human body that you can get.
But our difference is not only that we use hemp filler in products together with hemp and linen fabric.
But the fact that everything is created by hand, each of your orders is sewn individually, this is not a raw material production - these are individual products created with care and love.
We continue to bring the value of organic hemp products to the maximum number of people, spreading the idea of ​​HempOrganicLife around the world.
We make organic products from hemp and flax that do not harm our planet after use.

Team HempOrganicLife