What makes hemp blankets a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for your home?

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Since sleep occupies an important part of the day and routine of any person, even the choice of blankets and bed linen is very important. Everyone wants a blanket to retain heat or, on the contrary, to allow air to pass through well so that the body can breathe and not sweat. A hemp blanket is suitable for this, as it combines organic and environmentally friendly products. The fiber’s naturalness not only makes you closer to nature but also preserves many important factors of the natural material.

Buying a hemp blanket means becoming part of nature and a conscious person who thinks about the environment. The cannabis plant grows quickly in minimally maintained conditions. All you need is water, light, and a small amount of pesticides. Thus, there is no need to use large reserves of water resources, and the soil is not contaminated with chemicals. We can highlight the main advantages of a lightweight hemp blanket:

  • Good moisture-absorbing properties of the fabric.
  • Balancing the smell.
  • Collects less dust.
  • Made from biodegradable material.

Compared to other blanket materials, organic hemp blankets absorb moisture well and the fabric always remains fresh. No damp odors are scary, the fibers will not disintegrate due to rotting. This is still thanks to the peculiar pores on the fabrics, which always, let’s say, breathe and let fresh air through.

The upper part of the blanket allows oxygen to flow through, while the lower part traps all bad odors. At night, the body releases a lot of moisture, which should evaporate naturally thanks to proper air exchange — hemp fiber perfectly supports your natural heat and air control, i.e. it is not cold/not hot.

For all its qualities, your body always remains clean. The organic hemp blanket is the best blanket with a cooling effect, due to the fibers, which at the same time maintain heat. You will not suffer from the heat, and the sweat’s smell will not bother the fabric. Hemp is in some ways like flax, because of this it always creates a breathable effect for the skin and body thermoregulation. Thanks to these same pores, external factors in the form of dust are retained and at the same time not clogged. The organic hemp blankets require less cleaning.

It is worth noting that hemp throw blankets are an excellent anti-allergenic and biologically friendly way to insulate yourself. Hemp fabrics can be recycled and never collect bacteria or dust mites inside them. This is always clean health, skin, and complete safety of your condition. A hemp leaf blanket does not wear out as quickly and becomes softer with each wash. The main thing is not to use aggressive cleaning agents, so as not to corrode the structure of the fibers or simply make the material coarser. Despite its breathable properties, it is important to let the blanket dry after washing. An abnormal amount of water can ruin any fabric, even the best and most versatile one.

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