Light blue winter Organic HEMP + FLAX  blanket  with embroidery in size 160 x 200 cm

Light blue winter Organic HEMP + FLAX blanket with embroidery in size 160 x 200 cm

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Warm Winter Organic HEMP + FLAX  blanket  with embroidery color "light blue" in size 160 x 200 cm

Embroidery: Warm nights for my love 

Filling: 100% hemp fiber, 400 g / m2 (2 layers);
Up / Down: 100% Linen fabric color "Light blue"

Hand-made, soft, completely organic with the natural smell of freshly mowed grass. Especially hand made with love!

The body releases a lot of moisture at night, which should evaporate in a natural way due to the proper ventilation: hemp fiber ideally supports the natural regime of the body and that means that you don’t feel cold or hot and there is no “thermos” effect".

HEMP FIBER – is a natural antiallergen, it is grown in Ukraine without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

This fiber supports your natural heat and air balance in the ideal way.

Blanket filling - needle-punched non-woven hemp, stitched thread around the perimeter, so this will preserve the strength and durability of the product.

The properties and characteristics of the hemp Blanket:
o due to the hollow fiber it does retain heat well
o allows the body to "breathe"
o antibacterial
o absorbs moisture and prevents sweating
o very sturdy and durable
o protects against dust mites, bacteria and fungal disease
o made of environmentally friendly natural materials

HEMP - organic. It is completely waste-free product, environment and ecology do not cause any harmful effects.

Care Tips: Wash gently, 30*C .
It can be dried in the dryer, and the fresh air in a natural way.
Use only liquid organic powders, or simply water.

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